Caring for your product

How to care for your new C & L Designs furniture. Your furniture will last for years with just normal care and maintenance. Here are a few tips to keep it looking like new.

1- Protect fabric and wood colors from fading by avoiding exposure to sunlight. Use window shades and draperies, or position your furniture so that the rays of the sun do not fall directly upon it.

2- Be careful when wearing jewelry, belts and buckles that can snag or tear the upholstery fabric. do not remove cushioning material or use a washing machine when cleaning the fabric. Professional upholstery cleaning services are recommended. do not sit on arms.

3- Turn the seat cushions and pillows when cleaning to promote even fabric on a regular basisĀ 
to remover dirt particles that could cause premature wear.

4- Pets can cause perceptible soiling and snagging of the fabric. If your pets are allowed onĀ 
your furniture, protect it with a towel or pad.

Warranty Service

The manufacturer will either repair or replace as its option any product which has s defect in materials or workmanship covered by this limited warranty without charge. To obtain services under this warranty, you must contact the original furniture dealer from whom you purchased the product along with proof of the original purchase. If require, the dealer will contact the manufacturer to obtain services. All packing and transportation charges for delivery the product requiring services to the furniture dealer are the responsibility of the original purchaser. The manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without notification. If identical materials are unavailable at the time of repair, the manufacturer reserves the right to substitute material of equal quality.